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Welcome to the online studio of Lil Sharks Yoga.

Lil Sharks Yoga truly began when my tiny little guys became a part of my yoga practice. I watched their love for yoga grow with a passion I wish I had at that age.

I love seeing them get excited when they finally nail that new pose and watching their confidence grow on and off the mat makes me proud.

Seeing the pure joy they get from yoga made me want to share it with other littles!

I can’t wait to watch yoga bring out the best in your little yogis!

Lil Sharks Yoga is a fun and exciting place to introduce your children to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, grow in their practice, and gain self-confidence and pride!

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Lil Sharks Yoga Academy

I’m excited to announce the launch of our Lil Sharks Yoga Academy!
Lil Sharks Yoga Academy is a monthly subscription to have access to all things Lil Sharks!
When you become a Lil Sharks Yoga Academy member, you get exclusive instant access to classes, meditations, games, crafts, and more mindful tools for your kids and whole family!
I would love to have you join me on the inside and enjoy on demand access when your little ones need yoga the most!
Click the button below for all the details and to join us on the inside!

Lil Sharks Surf Shop

We’ve just launched the Lil Yoga Surf Shop! Hop in and get a t-shirt for you and your Lil Shark!

We also have tote bags, coffee mugs, and more to come!

Click the button below or the link at the top to start shopping!

Also, every member of the Lil Shark Yoga Studio will get a coupon for free shipping!


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