About Lil Sharks Yoga

Welcome to the online studio of Lil Sharks Yoga.

Lil Sharks Yoga truly began when my tiny little guys became a part of my yoga practice. I watched their love for yoga grow with a passion I wish I had at that age.

I love seeing them get excited when they finally nail that new pose and watching their confidence grow on and off the mat makes me proud.

Seeing the pure joy they get from yoga made me want to share it with other littles!

I can’t wait to watch yoga bring out the best in your little yogis!

Lil Sharks Yoga is a fun and exciting place to introduce your children to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, grow in their practice, and gain self-confidence and pride!

Kids Yoga Teacher

How It Works

In my Lil Sharks Yoga class I guide the littles through a fun story that we bring to life with yoga poses! Each adventure has a theme that takes us to the ocean, the jungle, or even to the moon.

There is also a moral to the story that addresses common issues kids at their age are faced with, such as managing frustrations, separation anxiety, bullying, and friendship. They can also be themed for a specific topic in history, geography, or healthy eating. Each class ends with a mindful moment and a craft or additional activity.

The classes last about 30-45 minutes depending on the age group in person and virtually. 

Carrie Lil Sharks Yoga

Meet Your Kids Yoga Teacher

Hi!  I’m Carrie Shoemaker, your kid’s yoga teacher! 

Yoga has made a significant impact on my life over the last 4 years.  My personal practice turned into my passion and I knew I needed to share it, but not in a common way.  As a mom of 2 little boys, I saw the impact yoga was having on them and the growth they were experiencing.  And that’s what put Lil Sharks Yoga on my heart. 

Since 2019 I completed 3 yoga teacher trainings, one specifically for children, and I’m excited to put that knowledge, as well as my personal experience teaching my boys, into action!

I can’t wait to have your littles in a Lil Sharks Yoga class soon!

Kids yoga has several benefits

Benefits Of Kids Yoga

Today’s children live in a fast-paced world of busy parents, school pressures, unending lessons, video games, peer pressure, and competitive sports. The pace of our children’s lives can have a profound effect on their natural joy, and usually not for the better.

Luckily, yoga and mindfulness can help counter these pressures.

I offer several kids yoga programs

Programs I offer

Lil Sharks Yoga will offer private classes, small group classes, as well as classes in Schools, After School Programs, and Daycares.

There will always be an opportunity to bring introduce yoga to your Lil Sharks.



Contact me anytime

Contact Me

I am never more than an email or phone call away! Call me, email me, or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. I am always available and happy to answer any questions, or just talk about yoga and fitness!